We Are Still Here, The Taino Lives!

Trailers for Ermelinda Cortes’ documentary “We Are Still Here, The Taino Lives” A fiscally sponsored project of the New York Foundation for the Arts. 

“We Are Still Here The Taino Still Lives! ” is an educational  documentary by Director, Ermelinda Cortes. 

Bringing to the forefront a decade of research including Mitochondrial DNA reports, and interviews with leading scholars from the Smithsonian to the University of Puerto Rico, discussing the heritage and history of the People of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.   The beauty of a people with an ancestral amalgam of African, Spanish, and Taino, an indigenous people, previous believed to be extinct.

A  DNA study proving that the Indigenous Taino Indian line is not extinct is discussed  with Dr. Juan C. Martinez Cruzado, the geneticist that conducted the groundbreaking study. 

Our documentary also shows how the indigenous culture and language has survived throughout the centuries. Entire families preserving an oral history of culture, with their customs, art, language, and methods of worship passed down through the generations. 

“We Are Still Here. The Taino Lives!” educates and presents  new perspectives regarding the existence the Indigenous Taino people, and how by hiding in plain sight their culture survived and is now being reclaimed.

Executive Producers, Ermelinda Cortes, Cesar Antonio Cortes, Terry G Hardwick.