About Ermelinda Cortes

“Whether it is with my paintbrush or my camera, I guide the narrative while allowing the creative force of the work to guide me. When it comes to my illustrations or paintings, I work with oil, acrylics and pastels mainly on canvas. Nature, literature and my diverse culture fuel my inspiration. I love giving a classic subject or object new life on canvas.My photography enables me to capture my love affair with the diversity and architectural splendor that is New York City. Revealing stories within my photographs. Storytelling is what eventually led me to make documentaries. There is always a piece of history to uncover from a new perspective”- Erme Cortes

Ermelinda “Erme” Cortes has had exhibitions in the United States, Europe, Canada and Puerto Rico. She is currently exhibiting her paintings and photographs, while her documentary “We are Still Here, The Taino Lives!” has won an Excellence Award at the Rincon International Film Festival and won “Official Selection” status at the Los Angeles CineFest Film Festival.

Erme’s documentary short “For the Love if Cosplay! ” brings you to New York Comic Con and the world of dedicated cosplayers. It is a fun, playful film filled with candid interviews from families that print their own 3D props to a band of friends dedicated to the Thundercats.
Ermelinda Cortes is currently working on her third documentary film “Quilted Railroad, The Language of Textiles”. The documentary film covers the stories behind the materials we surround ourselves with in our everyday lives. Taking an in depth look at the textiles with which we create, clothe and decorate our lives. Featuring Interviews in New York City’s Textile, Garment, and Fashion District, where we discuss the impact of necessity, fashion and the and the process of natural fibers from our own environment.

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    • JORGE! Hermano del alma! Good to hear from You! Congratulations On your retirement! Once the weather gets nice we have to get the families together! Give Nanaturey a big hug! Love and hugs to you and your family! Blessings!

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