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This collection is a wonderful read, giving you both a spectrum of Maribel N. Navarro marvelous illustrations and Daniel Weinell’s wide range – with stories both optimistic and chilling, both realistic and futuristic, both whimsical and horrifying. Whether it’s young child innocent obliviousness at her grandmother’s funeral, the tale of a misshapen chocolate, or aliens bros celebrating a birthday, the stories are original, engaging and fantastic.
I got a proof of “That Same Self Metal” by  Brittany N. Williams and it is spellbinding fun! With strong complex characters in a diverse world the story pulls you in from page one. Middle school and up will enjoy this well written story, which is the first in the”Forge and Fracture” Series.
The perfect children’s book for a rainy days.
“Lizzy and the Cloud” by the The Fan Brothers is a charrming story about a girl and her pet cloud. It’s beautifully illustrated and has a sweet ending. A wonderful addition to your library.
“A Forest Journey” by John Perlin takes us on a time traveling journey combining a balance of ecological life  beautifully photographed with a history of civilization. Ecological storytelling with a purpose of teaching us to treasure and address the needs of our beautiful world.
“Where did Poppy go?” Is a lovely book written by Gail Silver and illustrated beautifully by Amanda Quartey.
This is a mindful, poetic journey through seasons of loss and perfect for any child (and parent) who has  suffered the loss of a loved one. Reminding us how those we hold dear are with us in everything we do.
I received an advanced copy of “What happened to Ruthy Ramirez” By Claire Jiménez. It is a fast paced, engaging read. A Latinx family story with humor in the midst of healing from the trauma of unresolved loss. It’s a well written story to read while you drink your cafecito.
It’s due out March 2023, from @grandcentralpub pick up a copy and enjoy!
This advanced copy of Gray Fox in the Moonlight by Issac Peterson is a wonderful! This lovely Children’s book is published by the collective book studio, due out this Spring 2023.  The illustrations are captivating and the story is heart warming.  Perfect for 2-8 year olds. Get a copy for your child, school, or library.
Bloodmarked by Tracy Deonn is finally out planning on catching up this Weekend !
I was fortunate to receive an arc of LightLark @byalexaster
Lightlark is a roller-coaster ride of a thriller.  Aster has created a complex character in Ilsa Crown. This is a page turner, thrilling adventure. It’s hard to say anything else without spoilers. Go out, get a copy, and enjoy!  Five stars!
This book is a wonderful fun read. @cuhlaireahn brings us into the incredibly beautiful world of Seoul. The aspiring interior designer/ full time student Solmi  has to adjust to a completely different life, new friends and higher standard of learning when she has to move from NYC to Seoul. This book into a engrossing, well written story. Flows like a warm, soothing K-Drama. Oh, and order some food from your favorite Korean restaurant to eat while you read, because Korean cuisine is a constant mouth watering player throughout the story. Five out Five Stars
Shanghai Girls is a well written historical fiction by @lisasee_writer Two sisters trying to survive the tragic changes forced upon them by their father’s gambling debt and the Japanese in WWII. Heart wrenching and compelling while trigger warnings need to be heeded for the violent acts in the monstrosity of war. Overall great, keep the tissues close read.
For a great dark escape, the prose in Dowry of Blood is excellent. It delights the brain to read it. The story is from the perspective of Dracula’s bride over the centuries. It is romantic, heartbreaking, and a refreshing tale. @stgibsonauthor
is an incredible, poetic writer.
This book is prose, story, character development  perfection. Listen to the audiobook as well it is my current pick for book of the year! 5 out 5 stars!!💫💫💫💫💫

I look forward to reading more of her stuff.
Thank you HarperCollins Leadership for sending me an advance reader’s copy of “How Creativity Rules the World” by Maria Brito!
This book is a force of knowledge, history and tools to enhance and direct your creativity. Each chapter ends with an “Alchemy lab” encouraging you to grow in your art career. Brito is a generous, warm writer and as you can see I’ve annotated so many pages to revisit and discuss.
If you are a creative person, this book is for you. Out now!
Due out July 2022 from Scribner/Marysue Rucci Books, “Fellowship Point”  by Alice Elliot Dark is a multilayered narrative whose core focuses on two friends, Agnes and Polly. The friendship between these two women is tested when Agnes chooses to take up protecting the natural península of  Fellowship Point. Taking on to rally against a group of extremly wealthy shareholders, Polly whose family is one of the benefiting shareholders is pitted against Agnes. At the same Agnes, a successful writer, is also dealing with keeping a secret from an exuberant editor, Maud who is determined to pushAgnes into writing a memoir.
The story is well written and touches on several powerful themes, the wealth system that divides us, womens layered friendship and the longing to preserve nature. Well written and well-developed  4 out of 5 stars.
This new Children’s book “Now What?” is an engaging, splendid book written by Brenda Faatz for young readers. It encourages play, imagination and friendship. Beautifully illustrated by Peter Trimarco 5 out 5 stars!
Winter chill advisory perfect weather to stay indoors and read.
Here are three great books @natasha_bowen_ “Skin of Sea”
@rosiesrambles “ASong of Wraiths and Ruin” and “Blackout” featuring some of my favorite writers.
Passing by Nella Larsen and The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett are engaging, well written stories. Both of these books bring the emotional. at times painful journey of the black experience of passing in America. Both offer distinct voices and stories that will remain with you well after reading. 5 out 5 stars.

“The Personal Librarian ” is historical fiction based on the true life of Belle DaCosta Greene, the black woman who had to pass as white in order to succeed as the personal librarian to J.P.Morgan.
It is an intense, emotional book that weaves true life facts into a story that keeps you glued until the end. 5 stars.

The first Black Batman and Bisexual Superman. Thank you @dccomics because representation matters.

Autumn is almost here.  Here are some great books to read on a crisp Autumn night with a cozy cup of tea.
From left to right, @maggie_stiefvater #TheRavenCycle
Edward Gorey
Shirley Jackson #wehavealwayslivedinthecastle
#Metro2033 (the game is also excellent)
And @neilhimself
#TheGraveyardBook and #Coraline
This was an intriguing read. The story takes you to an oppressed island where things are made to dissappear. The Memory Police are terrifying and the characters entangle you emotionally. The ending seemed abrupt to me, which is the only reason I gave it 4 out 5 stars.
Maryse Conde takes you on an emotional journey. You get attached to Babakar and Anais. The journey bringing the Haitian immigrants experience in the small island of Guadalupe in vivid emotion. So beautifully written. Worth adding to your library. 5 Stars
May is #asianamericanpacificislanderheritagemonth and I will be participating in ReadwithCindy’s #AsianReadathon. I hope you will join and read along.
Best Romantic,AfroLatinx representation, humour filled love story. 5 out of 5 stars!
This book is a humorous but truthful look at motherhood from conception (which was an ordeal for the author)to child rearing a full family. At times I thought the writer was overly critical of herself, but the brave soul always found a way to grow throughout. I gave it 5 out 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

So excited! Received two advance proofs from @worldedbooks . Thank you!
From French writer Maryse Condé “Waiting for the Waters to Rise” A  global journey of three friends, with three different identities  looking for a more compassionate world. First published in France. To be published here in August.
Next is Spanish writer Nuria Labari “World’s Best Mother” an edgey memoir about motherhood. First published in Spain to be published here in April. Review to follow soon!✌🏽💛

V.E. Schwab is a wonderful storyteller. It is an enjoyable, if slow burn of a weekend read. Found it needed more diversity, in places and people of color.
4 stars.

Moving memoir. Vulnerable, true LGBTQ Black life. The author writes with in beautiful prose, and spotlighting vulnerability. Many moments stay with you. 4 + stars.
Romantique et superb 5 étoiles.
The adventure through a Blue vs Red time war, which becomes a twisted love. Beautifully written.
5 Stars
Spirituality through Art. Meditations.
5 stars.
January picks, both were excellent. We need more books like Angie Thomas’ Concrete Rose. Maverick is a complete person, flaws and strengths he is a great black father. This prequel to The Hate You Give gets
Wealth of Pigeons is a great coffee table Comic collection that has many funny moments. 4 stars.
Mexican Gothic is a perfect horror read. Silvia Moreno Garcia is an exquisite writer and knows how to frighten the reader! 5+ stars,
The Sum of our days is a beautiful memoir it had me smiling and crying. 4+ stars.
Brillant new Arthurian fantasy 5 stars.
Read both these books! Original story’s with brillant protagonists! 5 stars.
Ethics and spiritual reading. 5 stars.
This had me in all my emotions. 5 stars. Pick up a copy when it’s released in September !
The will re-read choices for excellence go to The Island of Sea Women and The Bethrothed. 5 stars for those two, the others are 4 stars.
Norse mythology by Neil Gaiman is magic! 5 stars. Maya’s notebook was a journey of the soul 5 stars. Silent Patient 4 stars.
These six books are all 5 star books. Trigger warning for domestic violence for The Great Alone though.
A little assortment. Seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo 5+stars, everything else 5 stars.
You laugh, you cry, you hold your breath as you turn the page, you’re making notes to re-read. 5 star books!
Let’s read together 💜