Celebrating Taino culture during Indigenous Peoples Month!

Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Month! Watch and share our Award Winning Documentary “We are still here, the Taino lives!” We also have affordable workbook on Taino culture for educators. Contact us at ErmeArt@gmail.com for school viewings with workbooks.


Voces Ancestrales!

Mañana, 20 de noviembre a las 6pm Hora del Este, 7pm Hora de Puerto Rico Seré un invitado en “Voces Ancestrales” sobre la cultura y nuestro documental “¡Todavía estamos aquí, el Taino vive!” 



Tomorrow, November 20th at 6pm Eastern time, 7pm Puerto Rico Time I will be a guest on “Voces Ancestrales” discussing culture, and our documentary “We are still here, the Taino Lives!”