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“Swim through the tears”


Acrylic on canvas. 9″×12″

All Rights Reserved ©Ermelinda Cortes , ErmeArt, LLC.

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Mi Puerto Rico

Stills from our Documentary “We are still here, the Taino Lives!”

Cortes,Ermelinda Maraca Taina

Cortes, Ermelinda Cesar  y Yuca

Cortes, Ermelinda, 2-Root Seeds of Hope

Cortes, Ermelinda Dona Petra

Cortes,Ermelinda  Playing at art Listen...

Cortes,Ermelinda  Singing Naguake, Humacao, Puerto Rico

Cortes,Ermelinda  Wishing

Cortes,Ermelinda Playing at art Give it!

Cortes, Ermelinda Miguel and Mural